A Mother-Daughter Story Of 
       Substance Abuse and Recovery


The pages of this book contain a powerful story of Family Addiction and Recovery.  In this title, a mother and daughter share their candid struggles with addiction - thirty years apart - giving readers insight into how to break the cycle through intervention. Told through the voices of a mother-daughter writing team, "Addicted Like Me" offers a detailed personal account of addiction and how it affects the entire family. Karen Franklin recounts her own past as a young addict, her struggle with the alcoholism of her parents, and ultimately her husband's and children's addictions. Lauren King, Franklin's daughter, tells of her own spiral of teen addiction-from marijuana and alcohol to crystal meth and the intervention that saved her life.


In the book's prescriptive section, the authors discuss how to identify the signs of addiction, where to turn for help, and how to understand this disease. Told from the trustworthy perspective of two people who have been there, these hard-won tips are preventative in their efforts to help parents intervene with their teens and young adults at an early phase rather than glossing over what may be calls for help. "Addicted Like Me" tackles the long-lasting effects of addiction in many shapes, and provides a mother-daughter story of recovery that is sure to resonate with families facing similar issues. 

As a valuable complement to their own stories of addiction and recovery, Franklin and King also provide advice and resources for family members dealing with the addiction of a loved one.  Karen Franklin is an interventionist and works helping families nationwide specializing in
Codependency & Family Systems affected by Addiction. She is a Certified Intervention Professional, a Treatment Referral Specialist  and Board Certified Master's Life Coach. 

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